The Trampoline

Homeslice has a trampoline.    If you would like to take on being the Trampoline setup Champion or Minion this year, check out these instructions on how to set up a trampoline.  It's easy, and 2 people can do it in less than an hour.   This is one of the easiest things to volunteer to Champion, and is ideal for someone who is remote.    You'll just need to ask for an LA-based slicer to make sure it is all inventoried and ready to load on the truck 

If you will be setting up the trampoline, please be sure to check the Camp Layout Map first once you arrive at camp, to see where it needs to be set up.    Protip:   Unless we have a sparsely populated camp in a given year, it is usually best to hold off on building the trampoline until after the Tower has been raised, since the trampoline might get in the way of the Tower raising ropes.    Just check with the Tower builders and the camp map before setting it up. 

During the Burn, everyone needs to make sure all visitors remove their shoes before jumping on it.