The Nage Mahal

The Nage Mahal (Pronounced, "Naj") is Homeslice's super chill, arabian-style shade structure.  It is the principal hangout space where all the cool kids can be found day or night and where all the good shit goes down.   Laden with Persian rugs and throw pillows, all are welcome to take a load off, snatch a nap, have a chat, or work on various craft projects continually underway at the craft/coffee tables.    The number one rule is to remind fellow campers and wayfarers to please remove their shoes before entering. 

Every Homeslicer contributes to its setup.    If you're new to Homeslice, make a point of jumping right in to lend a hand when it is being put together.  Your Homeslice cred and stock price go way up.

If you want to get an idea of what's involved in setting it up, here's a video we made one year off-playa: