The Tower

The Homeslice Tower turned 10 years old in 2014.  It is a staple in BRC and people come from all over BRC to climb it.    It gives you a great view of the Playa and neighborhood.    

It takes several people to build the tower.  The build needs to be led by an experienced slicer who has helped build it in the past.   If you are new to Homeslice and you want to help build the Tower, find out who is taking the role of "Tower Captain" this year and volunteer directly.   

Whatever you do, DO NOT MISS the Tower Raising, which usually takes place Tuesday afternoon.  Because it is built on its side, we gather a few hundred of our neighbors, and hoist it up with giant ropes.   You'll definitely want to be a part of it.   

Here is a slideshow on how to build and raise the Tower.

Thank you slicers you for all your playa love. Your virgins love you! )'(